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Professor appointed editor of Paleoceanography

15 Medi 2016

Foraminifera under a microscope
Foraminifera under a microscope

Professor Stephen Barker has been appointed as the editor of Paleoceanography, a journal produced by the American Geophysical Union.

The journal features original research to understand and reconstruct the Earth’s past climate. Originally intended to focus on paleoceanography, the study of the history of the oceans, the journal has expanded its scope to include terrestrial records and reconstruction, and modelling and integrated studies, especially where they emphasise understanding of global and regional connections.

Looking forward to this new challenge, Professor Barker said: “Paleoceanography is one of 20 peer-reviewed scientific journals published by AGU and the flagship journal of our discipline. This position will mean a closer tie between the School and international developments in the Earth sciences.”

Professor Barker has been appointed for a term of three years, starting in January 2017. Ellen Thomas, Senior Research Scientist at Yale University, will remain as the editor in chief.

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