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New directory of expertise launched

13 Mai 2013

Cardiff University has launched a new directory of expertise which provides the media with access to expert comment, informed opinion and analysis on a range of research and topical issues.

The directory allows journalists to connect directly with Cardiff experts for informed comment and is searchable by area of expertise; by name; or by Academic College and School. There is also a dedicated area for journalists wishing to find Welsh speaking experts.

Cardiff is a world-leading research intensive University with a range of expertise and many eminent academics able to provide comment and analysis on a broad range of topics. Experts include:

Dr Carrie Lear from the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences studies how the Earth's climate has changed over the last 65 million years by analysing microscopic fossils from sediment on the sea floor.

Dr Christian Bueger from the School of European Languages, Translation and Politics has expertise in international security, maritime security and contemporary maritime piracy as well as the politics of the United Nations.

Dr Meirion Evans from the School of Medicine is an expert in the surveillance, prevention and control of infection in the community with his main research interests being foodborne disease, respiratory infections, immunisation uptake, and disease outbreaks. Dr Evans is a Welsh speaker and received an OBE for services to the WHO (World Health Organisation) and the Hong Kong government during the SARS outbreak.

Dr Arlene Sierra is an American-born composer of contemporary classical music, and has written commissioned works for everything from instrumental and vocal solos to large ensembles, symphony orchestra, opera, and music for film and dance.

Professor Richard Weston from the Welsh School of Architecture is an expert and prolific writer on 20th Century architecture and design. He is also founder of 'weston' design brand www.westonearthimages.com which uses digital production to create fashion accessories and architectural/interior materials using images from nature.

Some of the directory entries also include short films where you can see how a particular expert comes across on camera. An example is Professor Mike Bruford from the School of Biosciences who carries out research on the genomics of endangered species including peregrine falcons, black rhinos, Bornean orang-utans, elephants and giant pandas. His work has taken him to many areas of the world, mainly in tropical ecosystems.

All Cardiff University staff members are invited to sign up to the directory - please contact Lisa Birkbeck, Public Relations: BirkbeckL@cardiff.ac.uk for more information.

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