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EU Referendum and the ongoing importance of studying languages and culture

1 Gorffennaf 2016

The EU and UK flags
The EU and UK flags

The teaching and learning of modern languages at Cardiff University is a central part of the University’s mission and this will not change with the result of the UK’s referendum on membership of the European Union.

Languages have been established in the University for more than 100 years and through single and joint honours degrees, the highly successful University-wide Languages for All programme, and our part-time courses for adult learners, the School is committed to providing high-quality language learning and intercultural experiences for all our students.

Some may question the value of language learning in the light of the likely withdrawal of the UK from the European Union. Yet it is now, more than ever, that language skills and intercultural understanding will be vital for UK graduates.

Languages and cultural awareness are much in demand by global employers and this will not change with a different relationship with EU partners. The employability premium remains very high for those with advanced language skills, coupled with the communication skills, intercultural awareness and deep analytical skills gained from the study of other languages and cultures.

A high level of intercultural competency is a real asset in a world where the languages we teach are spoken all over the globe, not just in Europe. The opportunity to live and work abroad, through studying modern languages brings professional benefits and increases personal resilience, adaptability and flexibility, independence and problem solving.

As a vibrant community of students, teachers and researchers of global languages and cultures, we firmly believe that languages and intercultural awareness have a vital role to play in contemporary economic, social and political landscapes. Learning languages means that not only can we speak to other cultures and communities but that we develop greater cross-cultural understanding and tolerance, thereby forging tools for successful citizenship in a contemporary world enriched by our relationships with diverse peoples and cultures.

You can find out about Cardiff University and the EU on our central public information webpage.

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