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Revolution and Romance: Musical Masters of the 19th Century

8 Mehefin 2016

Advertising for the 1889 Paris World Fair

Dr Clair Rowden has contributed to a new BBC4 documentary series exploring the transformation of music in the 19th century.

Revolution and Romance: Musical Masters of the 19th Century sees Suzy Klein tell the story of how music became the leading art form in an age of political and industrial revolution. The three-part series began on 31 May.

Dr Rowden, whose research focuses on opera and nineteenth-century France, will appear in the final episode to share her expertise on the 1889 Paris World Fair. The episode will look at how the technological advancements of the nineteenth-century allowed music to transcend language and borders. The millions of visitors to the World Fair were able to witness a wealth of musical experiences, from Revolution centenary events, through concerts of consecrated French composers, to the latest recording inventions, as well as listening to music from around the world performed in the temporary pavillions set up on the Champ de Mars.

‘Party like it’s 1899’ will be broadcast on BBC4 at 9pm on 14 June and will be available to watch online shortly afterwards. The first two episodes in the series are currently available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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