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Students recognised by South Wales Institute of Engineers

21 Mawrth 2016

An aeroplane flies through lighning

Rabia Abid, a PhD student at the School of Engineering, is one of three Cardiff University students to share the 2016 David Douglas Award from the South Wales Institute of Engineers Educational Trust.

The doctoral candidate shared the monetary prize with Paul Revill, also of the School of Engineering, and the Institute of Energy’s Sambu Kanteh Sakiliba.

The Award is presented annually to the author or authors of outstanding research submissions in the field of engineering, and is open to engineers under the age of thirty and postgraduate engineering students.

Rabia achieved recognition for a research paper entitled 'On Mechanisms of Damage Propagation in Carbon Fibre Composites Under Lightning Strikes for Aerospace Applications', which looks at the response of new generation aircraft materials to electrical discharge.

Her research was carried out at the Morgan-Botti Lightning Lab and the Advanced High Voltage Engineering Research Centre.

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