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Catalysis Institute partnership goes live

31 Ionawr 2014

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A new partnership launched today will connect leading edge science at Cardiff with the world of business.

The School of Chemistry has teamed up with Knowledge Centre Materials Chemistry (KCMC), helping experts working on applied materials chemistry to forge closer links with businesses across the UK and beyond.

The collaboration is designed to bring Cardiff's work on materials chemistry and catalysis science closer to industry leaders, product designers and developers.

The partnership, funded through the Technology Strategy Board, is centred on Cardiff University Catalysis Institute (CCI), which has a strong track record of industry collaboration. CCI will lead the Cardiff partnership with KCMC.

Developments in recent years have seen the investment of over £10m in state of the art facilities in the School of Chemistry to support research in chemical sciences.

Catalysis lies at the heart of many chemical processes, from the academic research lab through living systems to the industrial large-scale reactor. The CCI specialises in the careful use of catalysis to make industrial processes faster, cleaner and more sustainable.

Professor Rudolph Allemann, Head of Cardiff School of Chemistry, welcomed the collaboration. "This new partnership recognises Chemistry's track record in technologically relevant research and it will provide the School with a platform of opportunities from which to deliver impact in areas of application that are new to us."

Professor Graham Hutchings, Head of the Cardiff Catalysis Institute added: "Increased collaboration that brings together universities and research institutions in powerful confluence with industry is a crucial pathway to technical and competitive advantage in the application of advanced and new materials. We're delighted to bring Cardiff's notable capabilities into partnership with KCMC's expanding role in the UK innovation landscape."

From 2009 to 2013, KCMC delivered collaborative innovation projects from over 500 industry engagements valued at £13.6m.