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Science Council recognition for Cardiff scientists

16 Ionawr 2014

Professor Peter Wells and Professor John McWhirter

Two Professors from Cardiff's School of Engineering have been recognised in the Science Council's list of 100 Leading UK Practising Scientists.

Professor Peter Wells and Professor John McWhirter were featured in the Science Council list which identifies individual scientists who illustrate a commitment to the practice of science with integrity, who exercise professional skill and judgement in their work, and also contribute to their profession and the future of their subject through their leadership.

Professor Peter Wells, Distinguished Research Professor in the School of Engineering is recognised as the originator and developer of instruments for ultrasonic surgery, ultrasonic power measurement and other technological improvements in healthcare. He is a past-President of the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine and a Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales, the Academy of Medical Sciences, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society. He was awarded the Royal Society's Royal Medal for interdisciplinary sciences in 2013.

Professor John McWhirter, Distinguished Research Professor in the School of Engineering is recognised for his experience as an applied mathematician in theoretical physics, electronic engineering and computer sciences. He is a Chartered Scientist, Chartered Physicist and Chartered Mathematician. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and a past President of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, and a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering , the Royal Society and the Learned Society of Wales

Member organisations and other partners were invited to nominate individuals for each of the categories of '10 types of scientist'. Professor Wells is featured in the Developer/Transitional section of the list recognising an 'applied' scientist, someone who acts as an interface between science and society turning new knowledge and understanding of the world around us into benefits for society.

Professor McWhirter is listed under Investigator - the 'mapping' scientist, digging into the unknown observing, mapping, understanding and piecing together in-depth knowledge and data and setting out the landscape for others to translate and develop.

The Science Council list aims to challenge narrow and old-fashioned views of Science and how it is approached by government, media and public.

Chief executive of the Science Council, Diana Garnham, said: "It is vital that this narrow vision is challenged urgently because it is inhibiting education policy, the career ambitions of young people and investment in developing the skills we need to deliver a world class economy."

David Willetts, Minister for Universities and Science said: "This list helpfully challenges the perception that there is only one kind of scientist and highlights the different types of skills and challenges a career in science involves. If we want more people to enter a career in science we need to show that the scientific community is not some exclusive club but people with a wide variety of vocations and interests who have rewarding careers and are making a significant contribution to the wealth and well-being of the UK."

Professor Karen Holford, Pro Vice-Chancellor, College of Physical Sciences and Engineering, said: "Congratulations to Professor Wells and Professor McWhirter who I am delighted to see featured in this list. They are two magnificent examples of scientists whose research and dedication have had real impact, not only within academia, but also on society. This list celebrates the immense variety which occurs within science and this is something which is echoed within the School of Engineering, the College of Physical Sciences and Engineering and Cardiff University as a whole. Our scientists and researchers are working on numerous groundbreaking multi-disciplinary research projects producing real benefits locally and worldwide."