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CPD Unit earns 23 Compliance Plus awards in Customer Service Excellence assessment

13 Rhagfyr 2022

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We were recently awarded 23 Compliance Pluses at our Customer Service Excellence® (CSE) assessment, a record result that showcases our continuing high standards of customer care.

The Customer Service Excellence Standard® is a comprehensive assessment, comprising 57 elements. To succeed in this assessment requires a whole team commitment to delivering excellent customer service and embracing continuous improvement.

The CPD Unit is assessed for the CSE® standard every three years, with an annual review in the intervening years. In the latest assessment (November 2022) we earned 23 Compliance Plus awards. A Compliance Plus is awarded where the team is considered to be achieving over and above the required standard. In our last annual review in 2021, we earned an an additional 6 Compliance Plus awards, bringing our total to 21. We are very proud that we have increased our total still further in this year's assessment.

To be awarded 23 Compliance Pluses is an incredible achievement and only possible because we incorporate customer service into every element of our work. The assessor observed that "there is a deep and sustained focus on customer insight activities to ensure that needs and preferences are met."

Many of the examples of excellence recorded in the assessment relate to ways that we are supporting the Professional Services strategy, in particular developing “excellent and high-quality services that meet the needs of an ambitious University, rebuilding itself in the wake of the Covid pandemic”. Feedback from the assessor also included praise for new strategies developed to engage and involve customers, and improvements made to the customer journey.

There is a deep understanding of customer needs in the various service areas...Customers commented that the service is "so responsive" and that "nothing is ever too much trouble for the professional and friendly staff".
CSE assessor's report, November 2022

The Customer Service Excellence Standard®, backed by the Cabinet Office, recognises organisations that truly put their customers at the heart of what they do. At the CPD Unit, we have found the framework to be extremely useful in identifying areas of success as well as gaps in service provision. Through sharing best practice with other departments across the University, and externally, we have been able to improve our service provision year on year.

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