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19th Annual Chemistry Conference 2021

25 Hydref 2021

Image of Main Building which is home to Chemistry.

Our 19th Annual Chemistry Conference will be held on Wednesday 27th October 2021. This will be a virtual conference held over Zoom and all those interested in participating are welcome to attend. The conference will commence at 8.30am and will conclude with closing remarks at 5.45pm.

The conference includes a number of distinguished international speakers as well as researchers from Cardiff University. International speakers include:

  • Prof. Cameron Jones (Monash University, Australia) Highly Activated Magnesium(I) Compounds: Powerful Reagents for Small Molecule Activations and Inorganic Synthesis.
  • Prof. Makoto Fujita (University of Tokyo, Japan) Coordination Self-assembly: from Origins to the Latest Advances.
  • Prof. Can Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian, China) Green hydrogen and Liquid Sunshine Methanol Synthesis.
  • Prof. Todd Martinez (Stanford University, United States) First Principles Photochemical Reaction Dynamics and Discovery from Gas Phase to Proteins.
  • Prof. David Baker (University of Washington, Seattle, United States) The coming of age of de novo protein design.

Speakers from the UK include:

  • Katarina Stefkova (Cardiff University; Melen Research Group) Applications of Triarylfluoroboranes in Catalysis.
  • Robert Amesbury (Cardiff University; Ward Research Group) Circular Economy of Insulation Foams for a Cleaner Construction Industry.
  • Dr. Lauren Hatcher (Cardiff University) Exciting crystals! Understanding the photoreaction mechanisms in single-crystal photoswitches by pump-multiprobe single-crystal XRD.
  • Dominic Ward (Cardiff University; Easun Research Group) Photo-switchable Metal Organic Frameworks for Light-Driven Uptake and Release of Heavy Metal Species from Wastewater.
  • Christopher Smalley (Cardiff University; Harris Research Group) Advancing the Capabilities of Powder X-ray Diffraction for Structure Elucidation of Biologically Relevant Materials.
  • Dr. Michaela Serpi (Cardiff University) The journey of a small molecule to clinical trial: Using ProTide chemistry to transform 3’-deoxyadenosine into a novel anti-cancer agent.
  • Dr. Matthew Tredwell (Cardiff University) Development of 18F-radiochemistry and clinical translation.
  • Alexander Lander (Cardiff University; Luk Research Group) Synthesis and applications of enantiomeric miniproteins.
  • Theo Gazis (Cardiff University; Melen Research Group) A Herculean Effort: Triarylboranes in Azo Activation (and Beyond!).
  • Victoria Barlow (Cardiff University; Jin Research Group) Bacterial protein post-translational modifications on antibiotic resistance

There will also be a poster session from 12.30pm to 2.30pm which is open to interested participants.

Zoom conference commences 8.30am: https://tinyurl.com/CardiffChemistryConference2021

Poster Session (12:30-14:30): https://tinyurl.com/CCC2021PosterSession

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