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Bee friendly planting at Redwood

25 Ebrill 2016

planting main

Staff and Students weilding shovels, rakes and turf get planting for the Redwood Bees

The School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, with the help of the Wildlife and Conservation Society and the support of the charity Buglife have been busy planting bee friendly plants around the Redwood Building.

The aim of this exercise is to increase biodiversity for pollinators, to provide food for the bees that live on the roof of the Redwood building and to highlight  the range of natural product research performed within the school.

Two test beds have been created on the King Edward VII avenue side of the building by members  of staff and students from the Wildlife and Ecology Society.

The first bed has been planted with  dandelion family seeds as these plants are known to be favoured by bees and have been shown by researchers within the school to contain antimicrobial compounds.

The second bed will be planted with a selection of medicinal herbs to highlight the contribution of plants to modern pharmacy

In addition to these test beds we have also planted daffodil and bluebell bulbs and wild garlic all of which contain medicinal compounds which are the subject of research within the school.

Finally on the north road side of the building we are attempting to create a wild plant grass meadow and have built a bee hump.

Please contact Justine if you have any ideas about plants which could  be including in this project or would like further information.

redwood planting 7
Redwood planting 1
Prof Les Baillie making the first cut
redwood planting 6
redwood planting 4
redwood planting 3

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