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CITER researcher wins Bronze Award at STEM for Britain

12 Mai 2021

Congratulations are due to Dr Siân Morgan of the  School of Optometry and Vision Sciences, for winning the Bronze Award at STEM for Britain! A fantastic achievement.

STEM for Britain is a major scientific poster competition which has been held in Parliament since 1997 and is organised by the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee to provide both Houses of Parliament with an insight into the outstanding research being undertaken in UK universities by early-career researchers.

Siân’s research focuses on investigating targeted drug delivery to the cornea of the eye via medicated contact lenses and mucoadhesive thin films. Currently, the delivery of drugs to the cornea of the eye is invariably achieved via the instillation of eye drops. This, however, is an outdated and highly inefficient approach because the medication is immediately diluted by the tears and quickly eliminated by washout and nasolacrimal drainage.

On 1st March, Dr Morgan was invited, along with nine other finalists, to present her research on ‘Enhanced drug delivery methods to combat corneal blindness’ to the Houses of Parliament and she clearly impressed. At STEM for Britain, Dr Morgan submitted a poster on her research, including information on her achievement in showing the delivery of antimicrobial medication via contact lenses is both safe and more effective than eyedrops. View Siân’s winning poster.

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