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Researcher gets artistic to support homeschooling

13 Mai 2020

Colouring worksheets
Colouring worksheets to support homeschooling.

A researcher in the School of Medicine has created some fantastic worksheets to help parents and teachers with their homeschooling.

Lucy Chapman, a research technician in the Humphreys group within the division of Infection and Immunity, has used the current lockdown situation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic to inspire her to create some colouring pages along the theme of infections and viruses.

Lucy says "I’ve been part of Ian’s (Humphreys) lab for 2 years now and I couldn’t ask for a better lab to be in!

In the last year, the Humphreys group started a school outreach program where we visit primary schools in Wales to teach them about the body’s immune system using fun activities like making snot, making antibodies out of Lego and using microscopes to find white blood cells.

To our delight this has been quite the success! Although our daily lives have come to a sudden stop due to the lockdown, we wanted to maintain this public engagement whilst supporting teachers and parents who are homeschooling.

This is where the idea of colouring pages came in! I’ve always been artistic, and I love to explain to friends and family how fascinating and exciting science can be (much to their delight!), so creating educational colouring sheets seemed to fit perfectly.

Increasing the public’s understanding and interest in science is crucial in this current situation, and I hope this is another small step towards that goal!"

Colouring worksheets

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