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Dr Norman Lloyd Scholarship

28 Ionawr 2016

Rhodri Evans
Rhodri Evans at the School of Chemistry laboratory.

The School of Chemistry is proud to announce that Rhodri Evans is the recipient of the Dr Norman Lloyd Scholarship for 2015. This award is given to new students to the school who are of high academic standing and a resident in Wales. Upon receiving this award, Rhodri said:

"I would like to thank the Royal Society of Chemistry Belgium and the family and friends of Dr Norman Lloyd for this scholarship. As a student in my first year, this will no doubt be helpful towards achieving a successful first year at Cardiff University. With this money, I will most definitely expand my knowledge of the syllabus as a wider range of books/technology will suddenly become available. The most informative sources usually come with a significant cost and thus this money will be beneficial. I will also be able to participate in a number of Chemistry related activities which will give me much needed experience in the profession.

To be selected for this scholarship is an honour in itself, especially in class exceeding 180 students. From growing up in a relatively small town, moving to a capital city is a big step and was daunting at times. Being known then that I specifically have been selected will give me new profound confidence in my Chemistry studies and will give me a drive to achieve the highest possible degree. In addition to this, it has made me aware of the accomplishments of past Chemistry students at Cardiff University such as Dr Norman Lloyd. This then gave me a clearer idea of what I want to achieve later in my career.

After I finish my Chemistry degree at Cardiff University, I hope to work in a research based occupation. This truly captures my imagination as the learning process never ends and the life we live can be improved through chemical breakthroughs.
I can only say thank you once again and will hopefully be active with the Society in the years to come."

We wish Rhodri the best for his studies with us here in the School of Chemistry.

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