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AI solutions for medicine and healthcare in Wales: summary of Data-driven systems medicine workshop

27 Awst 2019

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We are living in an era of fast-evolving technological innovation which impacts every aspect of our lives.

In medicine and healthcare, it is imperative to have advanced informatics infrastructure to facilitate the process of collating, storing, sharing, integrating and analysing the huge amounts of patient data.

Medicine constantly generates massive amounts of data which exceed the human capacity to process and utilise. Machine learning (ML) is a technology that can use this data to build algorithms that allow computer-based systems to generate models for meaningful understanding and potential clinical use.

On 11-12 June, DELL EMC and Partners hosted the Data-driven System Medicine workshop at the Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC). Partners included ATOS, Supercomputing Wales, Advanced Research Computing @ Cardiff, the British Society for Immunology, the Systems Immunity Research Institute and the Cardiff Institute of Tissue Engineering and Research.

This was organised by Derek Rattansey and Richard Chapman from DELL Technologies in collaboration with members of the Systems Immunity Research Institute - Barbara Szomolay  and Tom Connor.

The day-and-a-half-long workshop consisted of a series of talks delivered by speakers of wide-ranging backgrounds and expertise to a multi-disciplinary group of individuals from academia, IT and the pharmaceutical industry. All fifteen speakers recognised the potential that AI, ML and systems modelling can unlock for personalised medicine. The workshop attracted a large number of attendees from different disciplines and backgrounds in the area of medicine and healthcare.

See detailed information about the individual speakers and their talks

We hope to further grow this community by setting up a social media platform that will inform the public about novel developments and activities taking place in the computational and health communities of both Academia and Industry. We look forward to similar sui generis events in the years coming.

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