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Professional development in changing times

17 Ebrill 2019

Project Management Alumni event 2019

The times, they are a-changing…and it’s in our best interests to keep up. Clare Sinclair, Head of the CPD Unit, looks at some of the challenges and opportunities associated with rapid change.

We recently held a morning briefing session for local project managers and others working in the sector, on the subject of Managing Projects in Changing Times. Speakers provided perspectives from academia, politics and local business, discussing Agile working practices, flexible planning, and the volatile political and economic landscape.

The point I’ve been mulling over since the briefing is that all our speakers agreed long-term planning is a thing of the past. Whilst this is undoubtedly a challenge, there are significant opportunities too. Organisations which are open to change, willing to recruit and retain the best people (and invest in their future), are perfectly poised to cut through the competition and win new business.

The world is also changing rapidly in other ways; new technologies are developed every day, and it’s imperative that organisations keep themselves updated. Whilst it is extremely difficult to predict exactly what the future skills requirements of a sector will be, we can still prepare for change.  Embedding new technologies, and adopting innovative working practices could mean the difference between leading the field and following the pack.

So, how do we ride the wave of change?

We are heading towards the crest of another industrial revolution, and if estimates on changing labour market structures are correct, this will cause widescale adjustments in the number and nature of jobs.

Retraining of the workforce – including highly qualified adults – is likely to become ever more vital. A CPD programme can be the catalyst for transformational change; by working collaboratively, education institutions and business can prepare for and adapt to, quickly altering situations.

Academics from Cardiff University’s Institute for Compound Semiconductors recently worked with Newport Wafer Fab Ltd to develop and deliver the first in a programme of short courses to enhance staff’s understanding of electronics and photonics. The collaboration gave Newport Wafer Fab  direct access to academic insights and specialist knowledge to support their future business growth.  The success has led to discussion for further CPD advanced courses and engagement in other areas including support for PhD students, student placements and tours.

How can the University help you?

The CPD Unit is a dedicated team at the University, with a clear remit to develop a diverse range of training opportunities for businesses and individuals.

We listen and work collaboratively with you, from identification of your business issue through to course design, delivery and beyond. This partnership approach ensures you receive the best learning solution and opportunities to engage fully with the university in all that it offers.

Working together, sharing knowledge and expertise, we can prepare and adapt.  We cannot stop the waves of change but we can learn to surf! (Thanks to Jon Kabat-Zinn for the analogy!)

Work with the University

Contact the CPD Unit to find out how we can support you or your organisation. Our dedicated team will act as your gateway, supporting you to access Cardiff University’s world-class expertise and research.

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