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Python Namibia: going boldly forward

08 Hydref 2015

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Python Namibia conference audience
Audience at the conference

An open-source software community for Namibia?  

Its very existence would make the country an international player. It would also mean Namibia didn't have to buy expensive expertise from other countries. 

February 2015 saw us all take a small step into the unknown: the first Python Conference in Namibia. Could the Universities of Namibia and Cardiff pull it off?  

Well, it happened and it was a great success, in no small way due to the leadership of Daniele Procida, Kauna Mufeti and Vincent Knight along with a host of international supporters.  

Watch the video and listen to Daniele's very honest account of his hopes, anxieties and inspirations for the conference and his vision for the future. 


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