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Funder extension for Building Blocks:2-6 study

11 March 2019

Child in classroom

Researchers at the Centre for Trials Research, are currently following up families who participated in the Building Blocks trial of the Family Nurse Partnership specialist home visiting programme. The current study, extension for BB:2-6 (BB:2-6) will assess programme impact up to the child’s sixth birthday and was due to report to funder (NIHR Public Health Research Programme) in Spring 2019. With the support of the funder, the study has now been extended by five months to allow complete collection of data for the youngest children in the study cohort at the critical Key Stage 1 (KS1) assessment point. Key stage 1 data are provided under agreement by the Department for Education. It is a nationally implemented assessment covering reading, writing, maths and science.

Chief Investigator, Professor Mike Robling commented: ‘We are grateful to the funder to have allowed this extra time to gather in the remaining KS1 data. Currently we have records for about two-thirds of the children for this most critical programme outcome. Completing the data set will provide the most scientifically robust evidence of programme impact and therefore better support for policy decision-making’.

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