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PhD student wins prize at SfAM image competition

17 September 2015

dmtry image
C. difficile spores mixed with gold nanoparticles. By Dmitry Malyshev
dmtry image

Dmitry Malyshev wins a prize for the above image with The Society for Applied Microbilogy

SfAM held a competition looking for innovative and striking images that represent applied microbiology.  

Congratulations to Dmitry Malyshev a 2nd year PhD Student with Prof Les Baillie who has won a one-year membership and will have his image featured in the SfAM 2017 Calendar.

Suggested Images could have been favourite bugs, an arty laboratory shot, an image of a particular environment that supports microbial life e.g. hot springs and methanotrophs, to work towards solving antimicrobial resistance.

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