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MJ Long (1939-2018)

7 Medi 2018

MJ Long

We are very much saddened to hear of MJ Long’s death.

Mary Jane Long, or MJ as she was known, acted as a Visiting Professor at the Welsh School of Architecture for a number of years. She led undergraduate studies focusing on developing architectural design through the exploration of lighting qualities.

MJ always emphasised joy and delight in design, guiding students through the often daunting web of technical regulations by reminding them of ‘the rough and tumble interrelationship between competing needs that makes design such a challenge and a delight’. She will be sorely missed.

MJ famously worked as principal architect partner on the hugely ambitious and now Grade I-listed British Library project.

To read a more detailed account of MJ’s life, please visit the Architects’ Journal website.

Images from the Architects’ Journal.

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