Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

April Primary School visits

3 May 2018

guess the weight
Children guessing the weight of the brain using vegetable props

During April members of CITER attended two Primary Schools; Victoria Primary School in Penarth on the 17 April and Radnor Primary School on 20 April to deliver various outreach activities. On the 30 April Crumlin High Level Primary School visited the School of Biosciences to participate in a variety of CITER and Biosciences engagement outreach activities.

surface area of skin
A group of children using sheets of paper to guess the surface area of the skin.

The first visit involved delivering the "bones and organs" activity to sixty children in year four in a morning session which included an organ placement activity and a "how big" activity.

"It got the children to talk about the body".

Class Teacher, Year 4, Victoria Primary School

The second visit was as part of the school's "University" Mad Science module which children have an option to choose for one afternoon over a course of six weeks. CITER delivered the popular maggot racing activity together with the bones and organ activity.

A group of children participating in the "bones and organ placement" activity.

"the children were really engaged by the maggot racing..they loved it!"

Class Teacher, Years 3 and 4, Radnor Primary School

The final outreach event in April involved forty children in years five and six visiting the School of Biosciences to participate in five CITER and Biosciences outreach activities; maggot racing, blood and making cells, bones and organ placement, "how big" and "start a stem cell". This opportunity give the children exposure to seeing a laboratory first hand which they found exciting.

Many thanks to the CITER volunteers for delivering these workshops including Peter Morrison, Dionne Shillabeer, Sian Morgan, Elena Koudouna, Lora Jones, Sally Hayes, Irina Erchova, Adam Moore, Isabella Centeleghe and Harriet Miles.

Public engagement is a key part of CITER and this year's calendar is very busy. CITER would welcome volunteers to attend forthcoming public events and visit local Primary Schools; if you are interested please contact:

CITER office

Rhannu’r stori hon