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Santander announces volunteer competition for Cardiff undergraduates

27 Mai 2015


Are you a student who has volunteered in a Spanish-speaking country during your year abroad?

If so, Santander Universities, through Hispanic Studies at Cardiff University, has announced a fantastic competition to win £500 which is open to Cardiff undergraduates*. 

To enter the "Inspire" competition, students must submit an account in English of their experience as a volunteer in a Spanish-speaking country. This can take the form of a written report, a piece of creative writing, a comic you've drawn, a song you've written, a photo story or any other format, but should contain a substantial element of text that describes your volunteering experience. Text based entries should be 1000 words and accompanied by at least one relevant photograph. 

Entries will be judged both on their content — i.e. the experiences they relate to— and their presentation. Originality of form will be valued as much as correctness of expression.

*Please note that this competition is open to Cardiff undergraduate students who have carried out volunteer work in a Spanish-speaking country during their year abroad during 2014–15.

Submit your entry to the competition via the email address: santandervolunteer@cardiff.ac.uk

Submission deadline: 31 August 2015

The winner will be announced by 30 September 2015.

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