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Mobile Crowdsensing Network

Participants undertaking environmental monitoring
Project participants take part in an environmental monitoring exercise

What impact does urban green infrastructure have on our physical environment, health and wellbeing?

This community engagement pilot project focuses on a novel integrated measurement approach – a ‘mobile crowdsensing network’ – which engages and trains community partners to measure the impact of urban green spaces, and identify future potential for urban greening initiatives.

Four workshop sessions will introduce environmental and health benefits of urban greening and train volunteers in introductory measuring techniques. Over twelve months, six key individuals or groups will use mobile sensors to measure urban greening impact on urban heat islands, air and water quality, acoustics, mental health and wellbeing, place-based identity, sociality and political empowerment.

The pilot network will run in Grangetown, Cardiff and involve participation from community and school groups. The project is partnered with:

Its academic members are:

For further information, please contact: