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Engagement themes

The University's engagement with the Cardiff Capital Region and its range of stakeholder communities, covers a wide range of economic, social and environmental themes.

City Region Exchange aims to act as a focal point for this activity and to strengthen the University's engagement in particular areas.

Our core themes are:

Cardiff bay

Strengthening the economy

One of the main drivers for the development of the Cardiff Capital Region is the desire to strengthen the local economy.

Strengthening educational attainment

We have a strong commitment to strengthening educational attainment across the Cardiff Capital Region.


Supporting health and well-being

We aim to develop projects that could have a transformative effect on the region's health, wealth and well-being.

Welsh countryside

Raising the quality of the surrounding environment

The Cardiff Capital Region has a rich and varied environment with significant green spaces as well as expanding cities and towns.

Front of Cardiff law building

Promoting access to justice

Our staff and students work closely to support those who have restricted access to legal justice, through the Cardiff Law School's pro bono initiative.

Cardiff museum

Securing our common heritage

Cardiff Capital Region has a rich and varied cultural heritage.


Promoting social inclusion

Our project aims to support key stakeholders to address the twin challenges that confront the Cardiff Capital Region: economic development and social inclusion.