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About us

The Welsh Government has established two new city-regions in Wales, one of which covers Cardiff and south-east Wales. This is now known as the Cardiff Capital Region.

The city-region is the name for the functional economic region around the city – the local economy of the city and its hinterland effectively.

The Cardiff Capital Region is intended to encourage the ten local authorities and other key actors in its boundaries to work together and collaborate on projects and plans for the area. The main thinking is that this will enhance the potential for economic development success and job creation opportunities across the area. This follows the experience of other city-regions across the UK and beyond which have built upon the opportunities and potential provided by having strong metropolitan networks and plans.

The city-region engagement project, called City Region Exchange, is intended to both study and participate in this ongoing development. The project will engage with the communities that are a critical part of the local economy and also with those who are helping to shape the city-region development. These include communities of policy makers such as the various local governments and the new Cardiff Capital Region Board, as well as with businesses and employers and their representative groups.

It will also seek to engage with groups representing some of the many different place-based communities that form the Cardiff city-region.