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Get Started in Sport and Exercise

Staff and students from the Cardiff University Sport and Exercise Physiotherapy Clinic delivered a series of eleven workshops to a population who had recently taken up, or planned to start, an exercise programme for health.

Stretching exercises
Workshop participants learn good core control

Throughout the workshop series, 53 individuals increased their understanding of:

  • basic self assessments, to identify problems and movement dysfunctions that can lead to injury
  • how to administer basic self treatments to manage fundamental soft tissue and joint dysfunctions
  • core functional control in movements that relate to athletic performance and to daily functional tasks
  • how to optimise movement economy and efficiency to reduce the likelihood of injury.

Additional online videos were prepared for the benefit of a wider audience, reaching 149 individuals and totaling 1,232 views in the first half of 2016.

Participants included a group from Merthyr Tydfil Communities First project. Based on the success of engagement with this group, and with that relationship ongoing, the pilot project has now been extended to offer support to runners in Cardiff's Grangetown area.

The possibility of modifying the model to cover additional sports is also being explored, with support for children's gymnastics an area of particular interest.

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Professor Nicola Phillips

Professor Nicola Phillips

Professor: Physiotherapy

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