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Developmental psychiatry

Our research aims to learn more about the early origins, development and impacts of mental health problems and neurodevelopmental disorders.

The overall aims are to improve prevention and inform interventions and policy.

Our main areas of research are:

Young teenage boy

Child and adolescent psychiatry

Our Child and adolescent psychiatry team works to conduct high quality research into neurodevelopmental disorders and mental health problems in young people.


Cardiff Rare Genetic Variant Research Programme

Researchers in the Copy Number Variant Research Group are working to better understand the experiences of people with Copy Number Variants (CNVs), also known as chromosomal conditions.

Meeting the challenge

A key part of our research philosophy is that developmental disorders are a challenge that can be overcome. Claire Sanders, who has a daughter with ADHD, speaks to Professor Anita Thapar about genetic and environmental risk factors for the condition. This video was produced as part of the Challenge Cardiff series.

Watch Claire interview Professor Anita Thapar

Theme lead

Professor Anita Thapar

Professor Anita Thapar

Professor, Division of Psychological Medicine and Clinical Neurosciences

+44 (0)29 2068 8478