Challenge Cardiff

Challenge Cardiff magazine gives the users and beneficiaries of our research a chance to push us towards our next challenge. It tackles many of the most pressing issues for Wales, the UK and the wider world.

Challenge Cardiff summer 2017

Challenge Cardiff summer 2017

29 June 2017

The sixth issue of our research magazine, providing insight into the impact of our research.



Explore some of the features from our latest issue:

Photograph of Ali Abdi and Liba Sheeran

Barriers to running revealed

Community organiser Ali Abdi talks running with Dr Liba Sheeran and finds out how her research is helping to get people active.

Professor Shantini Paranjothy

HealthWise Wales: Protecting tomorrow by helping today

BBC Wales Health Correspondent Owain Clarke talks to Professor Shantini Paranjothy about an ambitious initiative that is giving the public its say and helping the health of a nation.

Flash of lightning

When lightning strikes

Rhys Phillips of Airbus finds out how the work of Professor Manu Haddad is helping to keep our skies safe.

Photograph of Martin Kitchener and Laura Tenison

Putting public value at the heart of research

Ethical innovator Laura Tenison questions Professor Martin Kitchener about what a public value approach to research means for Cardiff Business School.

Photograph of Capitol Hill

What Made Me Curious? Professor René Lindstädt

Professor René Lindstädt, an expert in American politics with a particular interest in Congress, tells Dr Stephen Cushion about what sparked his curiosity in the subject.

Graphic design illustrating computer security

Research Institute Focus: Crime and Security

It combines the expertise of three world-leading research groups, the Universities’ Police Science Institute, Data and Knowledge Engineering, and the Violence Research Group.