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Current projects

Learn more about our current research projects from across our research themes and with our collaborators around the world.

Takeda drug discovery


We've partnered with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited for a drug discovery collaboration.

Photograph of a research assistant guiding three children on how to provide a saliva sample

Mental Wellbeing in Adolescence: Genes and Environment Study (MAGES)

The Mental Wellbeing in Adolescence: Genes and Environment Study (MAGES) aims to improve understanding of how genes and environment can affect mental wellbeing in young people.

Photograph of two boys writing in school

The Cardiff University Mood and Wellbeing Study

Our study aims to improve understanding of the causes of young people’s mental health.

Photograph of teenagers

Neurodevelopmental disorders: what happens when children grow up and why

This project is assessing neurodevelopmental problems in a group of around 8,000 adults who have taken part in assessments since they were in the womb.

Data event

All Wales Neurodevelopmental Disorder e-cohort

We are using patient data from routinely collected health records to identify predictors of poor outcomes.

ADHD animation

Animating ADHD

We are working together with local ADHD parent support groups to develop an animation video for children aged 7-11 years about what it means to have ADHD.

An older woman and young woman sitting closely and speaking at a table

Lifespan Multimorbidity Research Collaborative

The Lifespan multimorbidity research collaborative studies physical and mental health multimorbidity across our lifespan.