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Lifespan Multimorbidity Research Collaborative (LINC)

LINC explores how neurodevelopmental conditions and genetic and environmental factors influence the development of physical and mental health conditions across our lifespan.

LINC will focus on a common, but serious, type of multiple long-term condition where mental and physical health conditions occur together.

The project benefits from medical and research expertise at several research institutions and access to detailed longitudinal data.

Meet the team behind the Lifespan Multimorbidity Research Collaborative

Latest news

National LINC team publish report challenging Education and Health Inequity through challenging policy

5 January 2024

LINC colleagues at Leeds University have produced a report addressing the challenges of children's health inequity

Picture of debate winners from Whitchurch High School

What do young people think will make the UK a healthier nation?

19 December 2023

As part of the 2023 national Festival of Social Science, four Welsh schools visited Cardiff University to debate which health policies would most effectively make the UK a healthier nation.

Attendees of the Born in Bradford 2023 festival

Looking back on 'Born in Bradford' Festival 2023

22 August 2023

LINC project Research Associate Dr Ioanna Katzourou writes of her experience attending this year's Born in Bradford Festival