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Pregnancy and weight monitoring (PRAM) is a feasibility study of an intervention using a combination of weight chart and midwife support with motivational interviewing techniques to effectively manage healthy weight gain in pregnancy.

Pregnancy is naturally associated with weight gain, however there is concern that in current society more women are starting pregnancy overweight or are developing obesity during pregnancy. Whilst international guidelines exist to recommend levels of healthy weight gain, many women find that the information available to them is vague and inconsistent. This study aims to develop a weight chart for pregnant women to use with support from a community midwife, to help women maintain healthy weight gain during pregnancy according to published guidelines. The weight chart will also be used as a tool to facilitate directed and effective communication between the midwife and pregnant woman on issues surrounding weight gain during the course of pregnancy.


Chief Investigator(s)
Funder(s) Burdett Trust for Nursing
Sponsor Cardiff University

Key facts

Start date 1 Sep 2016
End date 31 Mar 2018
Grant value £164,046
  • Analysis and reporting

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