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Lifestyle, Exercise and Activity Package for people with Multiple Sclerosis.

Background to LEAP-MS

We know that many people with MS require support to remain physically active and often do not receive any or enough support. We know that this is particularly the case for People with Progressive MS (PwPMS) with moderate to severe disability – those who require assistance to mobilise (i.e using a stick, frame or wheelchair) and/or have other MS related symptoms such as fatigue and difficulties remembering.

The LEAP-MS study is divided into three parts.


Firstly, we will collect information about the barriers to and facilitators of physical activity that PwPMS experience, their current levels and type of physical activity and their perceptions of the role physical activity plays in managing MS symptoms from both them and their families – or people that support them. This will provide important information about why physical activity might be important for PwPMS, the challenges they face in doing physical activity or accessing it, and ways which they have found to overcome any barriers.

We will also collect information from physiotherapists, about their understanding of self-management and their needs for training about using self-management approaches with PwPMS.

Personalising interventions

Secondly, we will design a personalised intervention to facilitate on-going physical activity for People with Progressive MS (PwPMS) and a training package about self-management with PwPMS for physiotherapists. The intervention and training package will be designed along with PwPMS, their families and healthcare professionals.


Thirdly, we will

  • test the feasibility of the intervention with a small group of PwPMS and physiotherapists and evaluate its usability
  • deliver and evaluate the new training package for physiotherapists.

If the new intervention is considered to be feasible then we will apply for further funding to test the effectiveness and impact of the intervention.

Study status

Phase 1: Closed to recruitment

Phase 2: In set-up

The LEAP-MS study intervention is currently being developed and we are preparing for the feasibility study.


Chief Investigator(s)
Funder(s) Multiple Sclerosis Society
Sponsor Cardiff University

Key facts

Start date 1 Jan 2018
End date 1 Jan 2021
Grant value £293,374

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