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Postgraduate taught

Our courses are designed to provide training in the state-of-the-art aspects of theory, practical techniques and applications.

Catalysis has an important role in many processes, from living systems to large scale chemical manufacture. It is also central to addressing many of the grand challenges facing society, such as solving the energy crisis and protecting our environment.

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This course will provide training on heterogeneous, homogeneous and enzymatic catalysis theory, application, preparation and analysis.

Catalysis (MSc) course details

Course content is recommended for graduates in chemistry, and relevant chemistry-based disciplines, wishing to pursue a career in academia or industry. Courses are divided into two parts:

  • Part I - focus on developing theoretical and practical skills
  • Part II - focus on a significant research project


General enquiries should be addressed to:

Dr Ben Ward

Dr Ben Ward

Senior Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry

+44 (0)29 2087 0302