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About us

Our aim is to unite, within a single institute, world class research in heterogeneous, homogeneous and bio-catalysis.

The Cardiff Catalysis Institute (CCI) was established within the School of Chemistry at Cardiff University in order to:

  • improve the understanding of catalysis
  • work with industry to develop new catalytic processes
  • promote the use of catalysis as a sustainable 21st century technology


The CCI was created in 2008 with an initial investment from the University of £2.8M. Since then, we have developed our areas of expertise to include the fields of photocatalysis, renewable fuel synthesis, and exhaust after-treatment, while maintaining a global reputation in catalyst design.

In recognition of our success, our status was upgraded to that of Chancellor's Research Institute in 2012, the first of its kind at Cardiff and granted a further investment from the University of £3.3M. In the summer of 2013 we became established as a University Research Institute, in recognition of its status as a beacon for the transformation of fundamental scientific research into application.


We have established strategic alliances with Universities with complementary expertise in catalysis - such as Bath, Bristol, Queen's Belfast and UCL and has been a key player in the creation of the UK Catalysis Hub, which brings together expertise from most of the UK universities that are active in catalysis.