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Rainforest biodiversity assessment

Sabah, Malaysia

Danau Girang elephants
Image copyright, Rudi Delvaux

This is one of two field courses based at Sabah, Malaysia and both are very popular amongst our students.

The aim of this course is to acquaint you with biodiversity and its assessment in tropical forest; focussing mainly on mammals, birds, vegetation and invertebrates. You will be working in a tropical climate and will be visiting areas with both large and small wild animals.

You will cover:

  • basic sampling
  • GPS
  • collecting botanical specimens and vegetation inventory
  • animal tracks and trails
  • primate population censuses
  • plant and invertebrate taxonomy
  • bird census
Scientists studio accommodation at Danau Girang
Scientists studio accommodation at Danau Girang

You'll also undertake a 5-6 day project, with a wide range of potential projects available.

The course is held at Danau Girang Field Centre, a joint facility run by Cardiff University and Sabah Wildlife Department. It's located in Lot 6 of the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary.

There is a fee associated with this field course. Further information can be provided on request.