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Accessing and using your HEAR

You’ll be able to access your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) through the University's Verify website. When your documents are available, you will be sent an email inviting you to register for a Verify account.

Please do not attempt to register before you have been invited as your registration will be revoked.

Accessing your HEAR

  1. Go to the Verify website and follow the instructions on how to register.
  2. You will simply need your date of birth, student number (7 or 8 digit number) and a personal email address. Once you have completed registration, you will then receive an email to authenticate your account.
  3. Check that all the information on your HEAR and Degree Certificate is correct.
  4. If all the information is correct you now have a permanent, digital record of your achievements at Cardiff University.

Updating or correcting your HEAR

If you think any information is missing or incorrect, contact:


If a problem is identified, Student Operations Registry will update and amend as appropriate, in coordination with the relevant school if necessary.

Giving employers access to your HEAR

You’ll be able to give potential employers and other third parties access to your electronic HEAR via the university’s Verify website for a specified length of time of your choosing. This will allow them to quickly access and view a comprehensive, verified, digital record of your university achievements. To grant third-party access simply sign into your Verify account and click on the ‘Connections’ section of your Verify Dashboard and add the third party. Please note that the Cardiff University HEAR is only verified in its digital form.

Future graduates

From the 2017/18 academic year onwards, undergraduate and postgraduate taught graduates will receive details regarding how to access their HEAR via the Verify website in the letter accompanying their hard-copy degree certificate.

You’ll still receive a hard copy of your degree certificate, but the HEAR replaces the physical transcript that was sent in the past. Both the HEAR and a copy of your degree certificate will be accessible electronically.


If you have any further questions, contact