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About the HEAR

For Cardiff University undergraduate and postgraduate alumni who graduated from July 2017 onwards, the HEAR provides a free, single comprehensive digital record enabling you to digitally present your achievements to employers and postgraduate tutors.

If you graduated before July 2017 please visit our request for scripts and transcripts page.

Watch a video about the HEAR

The HEAR is not a replacement for a CV. It will, however, inform and support your CV, potentially enhancing your employability or opportunities for further study.

What's recorded

The HEAR shows all of the modules you studied during your undergraduate or postgraduate studies. This may include some modules that did not contribute towards your final mark, including any failed modules or re-sits.

It will sit alongside your degree certificate providing:

  • a detailed, authorised digital academic record of modules undertaken and marks
  • a detailed, authorised digital record of Cardiff University recognised additional achievements, such as in volunteering or representative roles, additional University awards, and/or academic or professional prizes
  • a move towards a more online focused flow of student information.

Everything recorded on the HEAR, including your academic and extracurricular achievements such as awards and prizes, will have been verified by us, so anyone you share it with can be confident that all the details are accurate and approved by the University.

Sharing your HEAR

The HEAR is only a valid document in its digital (online) form and not in printed form.

You can give permission for potential employers or providers of further study to access the HEAR record of your fully verified achievements.

For security purposes, the documents are unable to be downloaded. To share your documents, you will need to access the ‘Connections’ section of your Dashboard by clicking on the Manage button. You will then be able to grant access to third parties such as employers, embassies or higher education institutions to view your eDocuments.

Your HEAR will never expire. After you graduate, it's finalised and will remain available to you indefinitely.

If you stay at Cardiff University or go elsewhere for a Master's degree or other qualification, you will receive a new HEAR for that course.