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Delivering Early Care In Diabetes Evaluation ‘Hospital versus Home management at diagnosis in childhood diabetes: a comparison of psychological, social, physical and economic outcomes’ (The DECIDE Study)

Researchers: Lesley Lowes, John Gregory, Mike Robling, Kerenza Hood, Sue Channon, David Cohen (University of Glamorgan), N. Waugh (University of Aberdeen), W.Gane (Service User), J. Warner J (Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust), N. Trevelyan, J. Davies (Southampton University Hospitals Trust), L. Bath (Lothian University Hospitals Trust)

Study Design

Randomised Controlled Trial

Study Aims

  • To investigate from diagnosis the effect of starting treatment at home and in hospital by assessing and comparing glycaemic control and well being of children aged 0-17yrs with type 1 diabetes, parents' and children's (aged >8yrs) psychological adjustment, coping and adaptation to the diagnosis, diabetes knowledge and satisfaction with service provision, total health service resource use and patient borne costs including time off school/work
  • To explore the experience of home management and hospitalisation from the perspective of parents and children (aged >8yrs) with diabetes, and health professionals.

This study contributes to the Long Term Conditions Practice Focus


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