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Improvement Science @ Cardiff

All of us want high quality healthcare.  IS@Cardiff is an interdisciplinary network of researchers at Cardiff University engaged in studies designed to improve the quality and safety of healthcare and advance the science of improvement.  With members drawn from disciplines including healthcare management, sociology, epidemiology, social policy, mathematics, statistics, human resource management, medicine, nursing and operations management and english and communication, we advance knowledge and practice through academic research that is rigorous, independent, and relevant.  Our research concentrates on two main themes:

Epidemiology of variation

  • The epidemiology of harm in health and social care.
  • The impact of national quality and safety initiatives on system level measures for quality and safety.
  • National and international comparison of quality and safety initiatives and impact on clinical outcomes and population health.

Understanding and improving organisational processes

  • Realistic evaluation of service improvement and patient safety campaign strategies understood as complex interventions and identification of their ‘active ingredients’ and generative mechanisms within different organisational contexts.
  • Understanding service improvement in complex adaptive systems.
  • Exploration and identification of service interfaces and ‘risky’ transitions (primary/secondary interface; patient transfer).
  • Examination of technologies in practice.
  • Knowledge mobilisation and transfer.
  • Shared decision making.
  • System modelling and process reengineering.

Postgraduate opportunities

We provide supervisory support for full or part-time PhD students.  See members’ individual research pages for more details of individual research interests.


Click here to read about the Improvement Science @ Cardiff event held on 17th October 2013.