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Communities First Summer School

11 July 2012

NCFA Summer School Lecture

Students were welcomed to the Summer School in a University lecture theatre.

Cardiff School of Nursing and Midwifery Studies welcomed 30 students from Communities First areas to the first Nursing Careers for All Summer School on Tuesday 3rd July. 

With an initial target of attracting 30 - 35 participants, the project successfully achieved 45 applications. 33 applications were accepted, the majority of them from Widening Access schools involved in the Nursing Careers for All programme.

Students were welcomed to the Summer School in a University lecture theatre.

On arrival, participants enjoyed a welcome and introduction speech by Professor Sheila Hunt,  followed by presentations full of information and fun by Norman Young, Neil Thomas and Libby Baraz.  Participants then had the opportunity to explore the fields and get involved in experiential learning, with the option of choosing from Midwifery, Adult Nursing, or a practical session in Mental Health Nursing, including the chance to see what it might be like to try and make a jam sandwich if you had suffered a stoke as part of a  'what's it like to be Mary' session. 

Students were given the opportunity to try and empathise with patients with limited mobility as part of a 'what's it like to be Mary?' session.

The second day gave participants the  opportunity to see how the University Health Board works with the School to give nursing students the best possible experiences on their placements, followed by a tour of the hospital site. All those involved loved the Clinical Skills experience provided in the afternoon with lecturers Bev Johnson and Jacqui Rattray, with the chance to ask the questions they had all been dying to ask. The second day was completed by a Journal Club session where participants explored a journal article and found four key points which they presented to the wider group.

The final day got brains working in a fun numeracy and personal statement development session, finally ending with presentation of certificates of attendance by current SONMS students.

The whole summer school was very well received by all those participating,  with 75% saying they now feel more confident about making a good application for a Nursing degree. They felt they had learned a lot about the different fields of nursing, and what a career in Nursing or Midwifery entailed.