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New Honorary Visiting Professor for the School of Healthcare Sciences

10 December 2013

Professor Annette Lankshear, Honorary Visiting Professor, School of Healthcare Sciences

Professor Annette Lankshear, a former Reader in the Cardiff School of Nursing and Midwifery Studies, has been awarded an Honorary Visiting Professor position for a period of five years at the new School of Healthcare Sciences.

Professor Lankshear came to the School of Nursing and Midwifery Studies in 2005, acting as Director of Graduate Studies, then as Director of Research and Deputy Head of School until in 2012 she retired and took a part-time post as a Reader in Health Policy. She now splits her time between the UK and Jordan, where she is semi-retired and writing!

The School of Nursing and Midwifery Studies combined with the School of Healthcare Studies in September 2013 in order to create the new School of Healthcare Sciences. Shortly afterwards, Professor Lankshear was awarded the position.

She said, “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Cardiff and have developed the greatest respect for the School and its staff.  I feel highly honoured to have been awarded this position and look forward to my continuing engagement with the University.”

The position of Honorary Visiting Professor at Cardiff University encourages and recognises collaborations and associations with industry and commerce, government, research establishments and the Arts at a high level. To be conferred on a person with involvement in a School that is regular and significant, bearing in mind the pre-occupations of the particular person with their normal work activities, and they will have high recognition and distinction in their field of expertise.

Professor Sheila Hunt, Dean and Head of the School of Healthcare Sciences, said:

“Professor Lankshear has been a loyal and supportive colleague for many years and her contribution to the School has been quite exceptional. At a time of transition and growth she played a crucial role in supporting the School and the School Executive Team in achieving its ambition.  She became a role model for her more junior colleagues and a mentor to those seeking promotion and success. She has extremely well-developed interpersonal and communication skills and has a very high emotional intelligence. I have found her support and wisdom invaluable. She is intelligent, thoughtful, very hardworking, determined and always loyal. She has taken on significant leadership and other management roles often to the detriment of her own research career, in her view the School came first. This new role is crucially important in the new school. We are delighted that Professor Lankshear has agreed to accept the title and will continue to make a significant contribution to the success of the school.”

Honorary titles are used to recognise the contribution of individuals, who are not employees, to the teaching, research and other activities of the University. No honorary title can be awarded to a current employee of the University.  In addition to recognising formally the contribution that individuals may make to the University, the conferment of an honorary title also allows access to the University’s library services.