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Meet our Prof Doc students

Students embarking on a Professional Doctorate with the School of Nursing and Midwifery Studies will join a supportive and close-knit community of fellow research students and staff.

Meet some of our students...

Clare Bennett
Year of Study:
Home Country:

Why a Prof Doc rather than a PhD?

Because I wanted a thorough grounding in research methodologies and methods.

Have your experiences of the Prof Doc so far matched your expectations?

Yes they have in that I have already learnt a huge amount and my way of thinking is becoming broader and more analytical.  The kindness and support shown to me by the staff at SONMS has by far exceeded my expectations.  

How do you manage your work/study balance?

I find it a real challenge to balance work, study and home but so far I’m finding that really tight time management and 6-8 hours sleep a night is working!

What do you hope to do after you have completed your research degree, and in what ways will your Prof Doc be of value?

To undertake lots of good quality, original research. 

If you had some advice for anyone contemplating a research degree or Prof Doc in Nursing or Midwifery Studies, what would it be?

To ensure that you can sustain it; consider things like distance to the University, travelling expenses, fees, access to libraries and your work and personal life.  I would also say, only do it if you’re passionate about it because you need to be highly motivated. 

Trudy Faulkner
Year of Study: 3
Home Town: Cardiff
Research Project: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Accurate spirometry assessment and interpretation for chronic disease management in General Practice: what are the barriers for practice nurses?

One interesting fact about me: I am a passionate gardener – helps to keep the focus with study as I need to be in the garden from April onwards!

Why did you decide to study for your Prof Doc? Why did you choose Cardiff University? Why a Prof Doc rather than a PhD?

I decided to study for the Prof Doc as it seemed to be the next logical step in my career pathway. Having previously gained an MSc in clinical skills and also had secondary and primary care management experience, I wanted to gain experience of research from the nursing perspective and develop new skills in a different area.

I chose the Prof Doc as opposed to the PhD  primarily because the course offered greater flexibility with the choice of modules and steady academic progression throughout the module stage, prior to the research stage. Being clinically based, and not ultimately looking for a change in career on completion of the doctorate, I wanted to stay close to my clinical roots and relate the academic modular work directly to my work place and clinical area. 

What was your motivation for choosing your particular line of research?

I am working on my research protocol at the moment but have a clear vision on my research topic and why I want to research this particular area. I am passionate about the clinical disease area I am researching, also development of services in the community for the disease, which in certain areas is lacking. I am also very keen to research practice nurses from the practice nurse perspective which has not been done at this level before.

What do you hope to do after you have completed your research degree, and in what ways will your Prof Doc be of value?

The Prof Doc will give me greater academic credibility in the GP and medical research dominated primary care arena.  It will also provide a vehicle to  promote and disseminate  my research findings and ultimately raise the standards for COPD care in the community. As practice nursing is a relatively junior branch of the nursing profession,  I am considering future research  addressing other clinical areas I feel standards could be improved on but want to finish this project first!