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Dental Hospital GA Theatres


University Hospital of Wales, Heath Park, Cardiff CF14 4XN


University Contact:

Dr Dave Clarke

Position:Lecturer/Associate Director Undergraduate Studies - Nursing and Midwifery/Professional Head: Children and Young People
Telephone: +44 (0)29 2091 7777Extension: 7777


Practice Facilitator:

Nicola Rooke

Telephone:  02920 742734




Welcome to the General Anaesthetic Department, in the University Dental Hospital.  We are part of the larger Department of Oral Surgery Medicine an Pathology which occupies most of the ground floor in the Dental Hospital and consist of the Local Anaesthetic Clinic, GA Theatres, Reception area, waiting rooms, examination room, treatment room and various offices.


During your placement you will spend much of your time in GA Theatres, but will also have the opportunity to observe nurse led wound and suture clinics and other departments within the dental hospital. There may also be an opportunity to visit the Community Dental Unit depending on availability and transport arrangements.



Adults and children


Key Learning Opportunities:


The Role of the Nurse in Patient Care

  1. To gain an insight into the role of the general nurse working in a dental hospital
  2. To understand the pre, peri and postoperative care of a child having dental extraction’s under general anaesthetic by acting (with the appropriate support) as the patients named nurse.
  3. To gain an insight, into providing care both operatively and as an outpatient, to the medically, physically and psychologically compromised child.


Dental Specialities

To gain an overview of the following dental/ oral surgical/ Maxillofacial specialities

  1. Orthodontic treatment of children
  2. Treatment of the child with cleft pallet, in particular to understand the background, treatment, psychological and physical support for both the child and their parents.
  3. To understand the complexities of providing dental treatment to children with medical conditions such as clotting disorders
  4. To observe the role of the community paediatric dentist.


Understand Dentition

  1. To understand the physiology of dentition and dental caries
  2. To increase understanding of the importance of dentition to the normal everyday life of a child/ adolescent.
  3. To gain an insight into the problems associated with poor dental hygiene, poor dental diet, including prevention and treatment.


Preparation For Practice:

Please read the student induction pack.



Variable between 07:30 and 17:30


Dress Code: 

Theatre clothes will be provided, but please also bring a uniform for working outside of the theatre environment.


Last Updated:

February 2015