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Ward 4/1 Monnow Ward


Nevill Hall Hospital, Brecon Road, Abergavenny NP7 7EG


University Contact: 

Clinical Teacher Contact:

Sian Thomas


Telephone: +44 (01873) 732874/ mobile: 0787 6212419


General medicine


Care of the elderly and clients with diabetes.

Key Learning Opportunities: 

  • Assessing, planning, implementing  and evaluating care of medical patients
  • MDT working- social workers, dieticians, physiotherapists, SALT and specialist nurses such as the diabetic, palliative care, infection control and tissue viability nurses
  • Caring for IV infusions/blood transfusions/
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Caring for patients pre and post procedures i.e. endoscopy

Preparation for Practice:

Management of a team of patients- delegation, leadership and time management skills.


  • 07:50 - 20:30 
  • 19:50 - 8:30


  • Student information booklet
  • Regular learning opportunities
  • Wider learning opportunities

Dress Code: 

Uniform Policy

Last Updated:

6th June 2013