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Ms Jane Davies 

Mrs Jane Davies
Position:PhD Student

Telephone:02920 917727
Location:Room 702a, EastGate House, 35-43 Newport Road, Cardiff CF24 0AB


'Research Autonomy, dependence and decision making in teenagers and young adults receiving cancer treatment'


Professor Daniel Kelly, Dr Ben Hannigan



I am an experienced children’s nurse and senior lecturer who has been funded by Cardiff University to undertake a three year PhD. My study is about the nature of decision making in teenagers and young adults aged between 16 and 24 years who are receiving treatment for cancer. It will explore autonomy and dependence in a range of relevant contexts, including: everyday issues, life changing events and treatment decisions.


1. Using a qualitative case study design and methods generate new knowledge of the relationships between autonomy, dependency and decision-making in young people undergoing treatment for cancer;

2. To explore the views and experiences of parents, healthcare professionals and friends about decision making during cancer treatment;

3. To examine interactions involving decision making in oncology outpatient settings;

4. To undertake a review of case notes from each of the five cases regarding decision making processes.

Design and methods

A multiple case study design will be used to explore the experience of decision making in teenagers and young adults utilising mixed methods (interviews, observation and documentary analysis of healthcare records). Teenagers and young adults with cancer, parents, health care professionals and one person nominated by each case will be interviewed to provide multiple perspectives on decision making during cancer treatment. Observation of oncology outpatient appointments will take place for each case and the healthcare records of each case will be explored to identify decision making processes. The study will be conducted at a single site in South Wales.

User and professional involvement

Cancer survivors and professionals working for the Teenage Cancer Trust have been involved in the development of the study and will continue to act as a source of reference throughout the three years. Findings from the study will be shared with those working in the field of teenage and young adult cancer who are able to influence the delivery of care to this group.