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Ms S Grace Thomas 

Research activity / interests

Chair of All Wales Midwifery and Reproductive Health Research Forum

Peer reviewer for 29th Triennial Congress International Confederation of Midwives, June 2011, Durban South Africa

Joint lead researcher on “Mapping Maternity Care & Outcomes in Wales” project (funded by Royal College of Midwives £6K)

Joint lead applicant – achieved £10K CELT Grant for “Medicines & Midwives” project November 2009 – awarded RCM Excellence in Midwifery Education Award in 2011 for this work

Research: Centre Collaborator / Principal Investigator for SELAN Trial (international RCT on latent phase of labour led by University of Toronto)

Principal Investigator for HELP Trial (led by SEWTU)

Waterbirth Research Development Group collaborator (CYPP Research Network)

Health Professions Wales Research Training Fellowship 2005-2006

Member of Cochrane review body for Cochrane proposal on perineal cooling

Research on membrane sweeping

MSc Research on the Expectant Father