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Dr Ray Samuriwo  -  RN, PhD

Ongoing research projects

£2,700 February 2014-December 2014 “The use of care bundles in Midwifery: a scoping study.” NISCHR Patient Safety and Healthcare Quality Registered Research Group (CI Dr Ray Samuriwo with Prof Billie Hunter and Dr Lucie Warren)

My academic and research  interests centre on the development of  healthcare professionals with the knowledge, skills and attributes required to deliver safe high quality care to patients in a diverse range of healthcare settings.  I am interested in how patients and the public can become more engaged with the education of healthcare professionals and the delivery of individualised high quality safe care in clinical practice. I am also interested in how the commissioners of healthcare, researchers and academics can create an environment in which healthcare professionals are able to consistently deliver high quality care to patients and patients receive individualised care.

My specific areas of interest are:

  • Decision making
  • Evidence based practice in healthcare
  • Patient Safety and Quality Improvement
  • Philosophy
  • Systematic Reviews
  • Translation Research
  • Wound Healing