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Prof Jane Hopkinson 

Hamadziripi Ngandu (nurse)

The experiences of aged acute respiratory failure patients on non invasive ventilation treatment.

David Evans (Radiographer)

The experiences of people who have been treated for oropharyngeal cancer. 

Sarah Fry (Nurse)

Perceptions of prostate cancer risk in African and Caribbean men in South Wales: implications for health policy and supportive care

Anna Jones (Nurse)

A critical exploration of quality of life of life long term mechanically ventilated patients.

Nicola West (Nurse)

The experiences of BRCA1/2 women, their partners and relatives following diagnosis and up to 18 months post bilateral risk-reducing mastectomy

Nicola Evans (Nurse)

To Explore How a Change Agent Initiates Change in an NHS Outpatient Service

Sally Wheelwright (Social Scientist)

Family carers for people with cancer cachexia

Corrine Hutt-Greenyer (Occupational Therapist)

The meaning of engagement in occupation in the first year of widowhood for older bereaved spouses.

Previous PhD Supervision

Jodie Moffatt (Radiographer)

Factors that influence illness behaviour prior to a diagnosis of lung cancer; PhD awarded 2007

Caroline Hoffman (Nurse)

An evaluation study of the effectiveness of a mindfulness meditation based stress reduction (MBSR) programme on stress, coping and well-being in women with breast cancer; University of Southampton. PhD awarded 2009

Jane Winter (Nurse)

Living with locally advanced rectal cancer: An exploration of the everydayness of living with rectal cancer; University of Southampton. PhD awarded 2009