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Prof Dinah Gould 

Telephone:+44 (0)29 2091 7804
Location:Room 406, 4th Floor, Eastgate House, 35-43 Newport Road, Cardiff CF24 0AB

Personal Statement

My research programme has a strong clinical focus and is primarily concerned with promoting patient safety. Key themes are preventing healthcare-associated infections, applying principles from the biological sciences to patient care to promote health and safety and the educational preparation of health workers to reduce risks and promote patient safety. I am interested in the impact of workforce issues on patient safety and optimising health workers’ education and training to promote safe and effective care in hospital and community settings.

Academic Interests

I have a long-standing interest in non-antibiotic approaches to preventing healthcare-associated infection and much of my research has focused on hand hygiene: its effectiveness and limitations, strategies to improve health workers’ hand hygiene compliance and methods of audit and measurement. I am particularly interested in the under-researched issue of hand hygiene technique and the importance of ensuring optimal technique when there is high risk of infection transfer. Other important strands of this programme of research focus on improving patients’ and public understanding of healthcare-associated infection and health workers’ education and training to enable them to reduce the risks of infection.

I undertake mainly quantitative and mixed methods research. A member of the Cochrane Collaboration’s Evaluation of Practice and Care Group based in Ottowa, I am the lead investigator for a systematic review that evaluates interventions to improve hand hygiene compliance and reduce infection in patient care (hospitals and nursing homes). This original review attracted over thirty media hits internationally in its first week of publication and its updated version continues to be widely used to introduce undergraduate and postgraduate health sciences students to the skills of critical appraisal.


Critical appraisal, systematic reviewing, application of biological sciences to health care, infection prevention.