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Dr Katie Featherstone  -  PhD

As Director of Postgraduate Studies (Research) I am responsible for the progression of a cohort of UK and international students with a range of disciplinary backgrounds.

Current doctoral students

Nasiha Al-Braiki

Neonatal pain and its management: the knowledge and attitude of neonatal nurses and paediatricians in Oman.

Areej Haitham 

(International Student) 'The experience of postpartum complications in Saudi Arabia (2009-2012)

Jessica Baillie

(RCBC Studentship) 'An ethnography of peritoneal dialysis: implications for the management of a chronic condition (2009-2012)

Catherine Dunn

(RCBC studentship) 'An exploration of barriers to the disclosure of erectile dysfunction as an early warning of coronary heart disease' (2009-2012)

Amie Hodges

'Hearing the views of well siblings of chronically ill children: Choice and Voice - informing children's nursing care' (2011-2016)

Mandayachepa Nyando

(International Student) 'The experiences of caregivers looking after a child with HIV and AIDS in rural Malawi' (2010-2013)