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Current Research

Within the three main themes of research, the areas of research currently underway at the School include the following:

Rehabilitation - measurement of efficacy, progression and outcome of acute and chronic conditions.

  • Diabetic neuropathy: prevention and treatment of foot complications
  • Musculo-skeletal conditions: rehabilitation of acute and chronic conditions
  • Neurological conditions: mobility and rehabilitation
  • Respiratory conditions

For project examples see: Research Projects

Promoting and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle.

Evaluation of healthcare service delivery and development of professional practice

  • aspects of perioperative provision, including service provision and management issues
  • occupational theory and occupational science
  • occupational therapy in practice
  • the development of occupational therapy outcome measures
  • enabling independence at the health/social interface
  • service development
  • communication in the healthcare setting
  • practices and discourses of patient-centred care
  • empowerment during patient-practitioner consultations
  • physiological and psychological effects of cancer treatment
  • imaging and radiation science
  • predictive models of fatigue